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Our Creative Clients

We have an assortment of clients that are using our kitchen space for their works

The Fridge Light Catering.jpg

Fridge Light Catering

Zana Boyd

I specialize in unique and one of a island kind

Designer Cakes & Charcuterie//small bites//micro catering and Desserts.

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little bakeroo profile picture.jpg

Little Bakeroo

Jeff and Amanda Mottl

Local family run bakery specializing in 100% plant-based pastries and other baked goods

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Pink Bow Patisserie Profile Picture.jpg

Pink Bow Patisserie

Kate Wilson

Orders are open Wed-Sat

Everyone Deserves Nice Things

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West Coast Fresh Food

Bruce Pletsch

We are a Vancouver Island based company (owned & operated) that is passionate about creating and serving fresh foods for you

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Bruce Sub.jpg

Island Health

Food Connections Program

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