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Our History

In 1989, Island Crisis Care Society was born out of a compassion for the most vulnerable. A group of caring community members opened Samaritan House as a refuge of hope for those experiencing homelessness in Nanaimo.

If necessity is the mother of invention...the deep needs felt in those early days led to the development of an organization who held innovation as a driving force. Always searching for new and innovative ways to support those who came through the doors with wrap-around care that met them -without judgement - right where they were.

Through the years, ICCS has grown and developed...always with innovative programs and projects that carried on the mission, "To provide shelter and care to those in need, reflecting the love of God in loving one another."

So, in 2021, when ICCS took the bold and innovative leap into social enterprise through the creation of a for-profit subsidiary, Rising Hope Services Inc, and set about to purchase and convert the Nanaimo Bakery to a social purpose was the next step in a 30 plus year history of approaching deep need with out-of-the-box thinking. In this case, the need was to develop a stable and consistent revenue stream which would support ICCS programming. These programs aim to specifically support individuals in moving from just surviving to thriving! You can learn more about these programs by visiting

While Island Crisis Care Society was beginning its work of meeting needs in our too was the original Nanaimo Bakery & Confectionery. The Jaeger family had also seen a need in Nanaimo, to bring their passion for European baking to the community and to offer opportunities for people to come together and break bread. While our approach may be different, we hold the legacy of the Nanaimo Bakery dear to our hearts. The shared vision of meeting needs in the community are what paved the way for the NEW Nanaimo Bakery!

Our Mission

The Nanaimo Bakery offers inspired opportunities to break bread and break down barriers, bringing hope to the mid-Vancouver Island region.

Our Vision​​

As a social purpose company, supporting the work of Island Crisis Care Society, the Nanaimo Bakery will seek to:​

  • Offer inspiring opportunities to bring people together from all walks of life.

  • Lift the community by prioritizing local products and supporting local people.

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